Oat Milk From Former Local Dairy Farms

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From Dairy Farm to Plant Milk Farm

Our Farmer Families are Taking the Leap and You can Support Them!

Biohof Hübeli - Kallnach, Switzerland

Leandra Brusa & Urs Marti

Urs is moving away from a heritage of dairy farming that has been in his family since 1763... Read more about their story

Bradley Nook Farm - Ashbourne, United Kingdom

Katja & Jay Wilde

Jay was born into a farming family in the late 50s... His father milked around 60 cows at the time. Read more about their story

Lebenshof Aurelio - Büron, Switzerland

Claudia & Beat Troxler

Beat took over his parents' farm with 26 dairy cows, a few calves, and 200 pigs in 2014... Read more about their story.

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Handmade fresh & local oat drink, delivered every week in reusable glass bottles and support the farmers and their animals.

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The fresh oat drink has a shelf-life of 10 days unopened if kept in the refrigerator at all times. Once opened, the drink should be consumed in 3 days. For best results shake before use

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These farms have been Refarm'd to produce plant-based drinks and we are proudly telling you their stories. We have launched the pre-orders so you can subscribe to a weekly delivery of fresh oat drink directly from these farms.

As this is our beta launch the first month is fully reimbursable!

All beverages are made using local and organic ingredients and delivered in returnable glass bottles.

These are some of the beautiful cows that you support, when you subscribe to your weekly oat milk delivery, and allow to live their lives free of human exploitation, on the farmland. Help us make this happen and help more farmers!

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