Adapt - and enjoy from a booming niche market

Keep your farm, your animals and your identity

and get the support you need for a quick & risk free transition to produce fresh plant based drinks and get the customers you need near you.

We have a crazy mission!

We help farmers to transition from milk production to focus on producing plant based drinks and convert their farmland into an animal sanctuary.

We believe that by uniting together with farmers and providing them with the tools they need to move away from the dairy trade, we’re offering a viable new opportunity for their businesses to be part of the growing plant based movement.

We will assist the ex-dairy farms to sustainably and locally source the ingredients to produce plant based drinks on their farms. The farmers’ land will be converted into an animal sanctuary for their cattle that are no longer being used for dairy farming.

In a never ending changing market, we want to be the best resource to guide farmers in making the shift they will need to be successful.

What others think

Jay Wilde

Former UK beef and dairy farmer

Jay was born into dairy farming and grew up learning the trade from his father. He retired his herd to an animal sanctuary two years ago and started growing vegetables instead.

His story is the subject of the powerful BAFTA winning documentary called 73 Cows.

Check out the video to hear what he says about Refarm'd.

Alexandra Clark

Sustainable Food Consultant

Alexandra has been working for the last 10 years on sustainable food systems in the European Parliament and for an international animal protection NGO

"This is a blueprint for the future of farming, one that ensures farmers retain their livelihoods and remain custodians of the land"

Click here to read more about what she says about Refarm'd.

Sarah Heiligtag

Farmer & Philosopher

Sarah has taught ethics and animals rights at Swiss universities. She developed the idea of a place where ethics can be experienced: the Hof Narr farm sanctuary and center of ethics was born, after having had to pass farming school. Since 2017 she helped more than 20 farms give up animal agriculture to focus on plant based farming.

Check out the video to hear what she says about Refarm'd.

An industry in danger

Consumers habits have changed drastically over the last few years.

Most big industries and companies have noticed it and are making big changes to adapt to the new market in order to survive.

Small companies, family businesses are the ones suffering the most. Lack of money, lack of time and lack of information make it hard on them to go in the right direction.

The animal farming industry is particularly at risk and that's the one we are focusing on.

We want to give the power back to the farmers, help them adapt to the trending market whilst also keeping their identity as farmers.

Whilst the plant-based drinks market is booming

That's where we come in...

The future of farming could be a bright one with little changes. Benefiting everyone from the farmers, the customers, the planet and of course our friends the animals.

By becoming plant-based drink producers, farmers will enjoy regaining a better image amongst the public whilst providing a quality product to the local community.

Turn your farm into an animal sanctuary

Animal farms (not including factory farming) are actually the ideal opportunity to be able to create animal sanctuaries without having to acquire new lands, find volunteers to care for the animals and facing the threat of surviving from donations.

Farmers have already the land, the animals and the people that can care for them.

By taking away the weight that lies on the farmer's shoulder for the need to make gains from the animal's exploitation and allowing them to have connexion without expectations on their animals, farms can become animal sanctuaries in days. A very much needed and quick solution!

Make fresh plant-based drinks with local ingredients

Plant-based drink production is an easy process that requires only simple ingredients whilst not needing for big equipment or intensive training.

With over 30% rise on the demand of plant-based drinks (in the UK alone!) since 2015, this is a great opportunity for a successful and simple transition.

Transitioning to growing plants is a long process, that is sometimes even not possible on certain farms, and makes for an uncertain future. That's why, in our solution, farmers will source ingredients from local producers so they don't need to grow those ingredients themselves and can keep the land for their animals.

Reconnect with the local community

We want to provide a community platform to allow farmers to profit from a booming niche market and connect directly with customers without going through multiple intermediaries (no middleman). Farmers will decide on the worth of their work and be in the forefront of their business.

The plant-based drinks will be offered under the form of long term subscriptions, that customers can choose from, for recurring delivery. Providing even more security to the farmers.

Farmers can enjoy regaining a better image amongst the public whilst providing a quality product to the local community.

Making drinks has never been so easy...

Here is our proposal

Starter Kit for free*

Starter kit, with a 3 months trial period contract to ensure for quick & easy transition that doesn’t involve risks for the farmer.

  • Equipment for plant-based drink production

  • Contracts with local providers for ingredients, pick-up and delivery services, cleaning services and other needed providers.

  • Training for plant-based drink production and food hygiene standards.

  • Pre-orders from customers in a 250 km radius around the Farm with ongoing subscriptions to weekly plant-based drinks delivery.

  • Bonus gift: Ingredients needed for production of the first 250 liters of plant-based drinks.

*for the first farms joining, after that a participation will be asked for the equipment.


Farmers are expected to meet some requirements during the trial period to benefit from our offer and help.

  • Dedicate a room/space in the farm for plant-based drink production. The space will be professionally sanitised and disinfected by our care to be ready for food production and reduce contamination.

  • Accept food hygiene inspections and Refarm’d selected veterinarians visits when needed.

  • Dedicate time to produce at least 3 fulltime days of plant-based drinks per week so we can make sure the customers have daily fresh milk.

  • Agree to stop all form of exploitations of the animals (no breeding, milking, mutilation, selling of the animals or other types of exploitation). Ongoing contracts with external parties need to be put on hold (a solution for each case will be studied and found in more complicated situations).

Ready to try out a transition for a better life, with ongoing support and no risks?

Get on board during our early stages to get our Starter Kit for free