From animal milk to plant milk production

Please note that due to restructuring of our business,
oat milk production has currently paused.

Local plant-based artisan dairy alternatives, in glass bottles, is what we are about.

High quality, minimally processed, organic, fresh, no added sugars, no additives. Keeping it simple and natural.

Our products are checking all boxes of sustainability, health, and quality.

Made on farms, not labs.

From animal dairy to plant dairy.

By becoming manufacturers of our products, farmers benefit from an exit strategy from the dairy industry to join the booming plant-based market.

They benefit from a key-in-hand solution and our expertise, whilst being able to keep their farm and their animals. A win-win solution.

Katja & Jay Wilde

Meet our Partner-Farmers

Jay was born into a farming family in the late 1950s. His father milked around 60 cows at the time.

It was understood as a matter of course that he would work on the farm after leaving school and that he would eventually inherit.

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The farms we worked with in 2020.

Biohof Huebeli, Switzerland

Former dairy farm, launched October 2020

Lebenshof Aurelio, Switzerland

Former dairy & pig farm, launched November 2020

Bradley Nook Farm, United Kingdom

Former dairy & beef farm, launched December 2020

Our model is meant to scale and be global...

What others do

  • One or more big factories for production

  • Industrialised process

  • Tetra Pack or plastic packaging

  • Shipped around the world

  • Highly processed products to endure transport

and have a longer shelf life

..whilst keeping it all local and handmade.

What we do.

  • Decentralised production

  • Manufactured directly on local farms

  • Handmade by farmers

  • Glass bottle packaging

  • Local distribution channels

  • Minimally processed and fresh products

Our app.

Our app makes it easy for customers to find where they can source our plant-drink locally.

It also serves as a dashboard for our partner farms and retailers to be able to handle orders, follow-up on deliveries, and make payments.

These are some of the beautiful cows that you support when you buy our oat milk and allow them to live their lives free of human exploitation, on the farmland. Help us help more farmers!