Alexandra Clark

Sustainable Food Consultant

I have been working on sustainable food systems in the EU for the past ten years, both in the European Parliament and for an international animal protection NGO, primarily focused on shifting away from a system centered on industrial animal production towards a more sustainable system that incentivises the production of planet-friendly plant foods for human consumption over animal production. One of the main barriers to shifting our food system is the perceived threat to the livelihoods of the farmers and rural communities that are currently dependent on animal farming. However, the burgeoning plant-based market is an exciting opportunity for farmers, not a threat, to transition their production and enter this new and growing market. Ultimately governments should support these farmer transitions, redirecting the funds that currently prop up the environmentally harmful farm animal sector.

I am incredibly excited about the Refarm’d project! It encapsulates all the key principles, assisting farmers to transition to plant milk production while keeping their animals on the land to live out their lives with the dignity and care that they deserve. This is a blueprint for the future of farming, one that ensures farmers retain their livelihoods and remain custodians of the land, while producing delicious and healthful milk alternatives and caring for their animals. It really is a win-win-win project, which is pretty rare, and everyone who cares about our environment, farmers and farm animals must support their local Refarm’d farms!